An all-in-one program for teachers that helps students become writers, not just students who write.

An all-in-one program for teachers that helps students become writers, not just students who write.

All together. At last.

A True Story

[parent to Writer’s Stylus teacher]  So, my daughter comes bouncing in the car this afternoon like a child on fire, talking about you calling her to the library to talk with the guy who teaches everyone about the writing class about the story she wrote and it was videoed. Now, hoping you can explain it all in a little more detail because I’m not getting much from her and her high pitch excitement.


[teacher to parent]  Yes! It’s true! Dr. Kevin Washburn was at school today working with us on implementation for the Writer’s Stylus program. He filmed a training video on how to coach one-on-one and we selected your daughter’s paper for him to review. He was blown away by the imagery in it, her writing, as well as her incredibly insightful observations. He gave her some tips for further crafting her paper, including revising for repetition and pronoun agreement. What a wonderful thinker you have! It is my pleasure to continue to hone her ability to express herself!


[parent to teacher]  Well that’s pretty awesome. :). She is a creative, imaginative child, always has been and I am glad she has you to help her. Her daddy was an English major and can write a story that blows your mind, then being an art minor, illustrate it. But he’s a computer genius instead. Our daughter writes us plays and stories so I’m sooo glad it’s receiving this kind of nurturing.

Thank you so much for bringing this program to the school because I think, particularly in the technological world we are in, the art of writing well can easily be lost. Made my day!


This may be the first writing program with a process that brings all the essential components of writing instruction together in one place. A teacher’s dream and maybe a student’s too.

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