Vision & Mission

25 years ago we began Make Way for Books, a company dedicated to making the best-of-the-best in children’s literature available to students, teachers, and families through in-home parties, a newsletter, book fairs, and now online at

In 2006 we expanded that endeavor and created Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC. Here’s our vision and mission:


Clerestory Learning is a business dedicated to creating practical classroom applications of neurocognitive research by developing programs and professional development for trainers and teachers, our schools’ most valuable asset.

Make Way for Books is a business dedicated to being a reliable source of quality children’s literature by maintaining selection standards to foster discerning readers.

Collectively, Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC envisions a future of wise leaders that can think strategically and articulate sound reasoning to influence a world authentically and with integrity.


Clerestory Learning illuminates the minds of educators and students, helping them develop understanding through meaningful well-articulated programs. Clerestory Learning maintains excellence in professional development and training programs by creating effective instructional solutions based on sound applications of multidisciplinary research. We keep growing because we want to offer educators and students our best.

Make Way for Books fosters a love of reading by recommending and selling a quality selection of children’s books, maintaining consistent recommendation standards and staying abreast of in-print and newly released children’s titles. Make Way for Books strives to influence young readers, educators, book publishers, and distributors by maintaining accessibility to a quality literature selection and by pursuing avenues of effective distribution and fulfillment.

Collaboratively, Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC comprehensively influences young minds, equips those who shape learning, and invests in those who offer services to support these endeavors.