Press Kit Bio

KEVIN D. WASHBURN, ED.D. is Executive Director of Clerestory Learning. Kevin is an educational consultant committed to offering well-designed professional development that clarifies purpose, validates quality instruction, establishes a safe learning environment, aligns practice with mission, and refreshes educators with effective tools. Kevin’s intention is for every participant to leave a keynote, course, workshop, in-service, or consulting session having heard, “I believe in your potential.”

Educators who spend time learning from Kevin will know how to teach more intentionally because they have witnessed it; Kevin teaches the way he recommends others teach. Teachers become more passionate about learning, because Kevin explains how current research can foster understanding and help shape more efficient, time-saving instruction.

He synthesizes current findings from diverse scientific research fields, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and brain development, and practically distills educational implications so teachers are immediately equipped for more confident, effective classroom instruction. His carefully-designed slide presentations, handouts, and course books are clean and professional to foster clutter-free thinking and interaction.

Kevin has extensively researched various topics—learning, creativity, critical thinking, instructional design, neuroscience, and writing—believing they can profoundly influence quality of education. He is also committed to sharing implications of physical fitness relating to cognitive function, and offering balanced how-to’s for educational technology integration.

Kevin has created the Architecture of Learning instructional design model and its professional development courses, authored the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain, and created the Writer’s Stylus instructional writing program and its professional development course. He enjoys traveling and developing relationships with fellow educators as a professional development instructor, conference workshop leader, keynote speaker, graduate professor, curriculum project leader, and educational consultant.

Kevin is an active member of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society, Learning & the Brain Society, a contributor to The SmartBlogs: Education Blog, The Ecology of Education, and maintains his own Clerestory Learning Blog, The Window.

His clients include Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community and government school teachers, Arunachal Pradesh, India; Association of Christian Schools International (US and Dominican Republic); Learning & the Brain; Philadelphia Association of Christian Schools; Louisiana Association of Independent Schools; Columbia International University; and private, charter, and independent schools across the country.