CLERESTORY LEARNING — Celebrating 10 years!

We are endlessly fascinated by architecture. It’s the heart of a structure—it determines an outcome, directs attention, and silently invites visitors to enter and stay awhile. It’s all about design.

Take for example, a clerestory [CLEAR-story] window. It’s generally placed high on a wall to allow natural light to flood a room. Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated them into his designs. Having visited his Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, we can attest to the warmth that radiates through those windows, and how the light they provide clarifies objects in a room and reveals greater beauty and potential.

Clerestory Learning is like those windows. Research areas, like neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychology, when understood in light of education, can greatly enhance the potential of teaching and learning. We strive to offer well-designed professional development that clarifies purpose, validates quality instruction, establishes a safe learning environment, aligns practice with mission, and refreshes educators with effective tools; it says “I believe in your potential.” That’s Clerestory Learning.



Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.KEVIN D. WASHBURN, ED.D. is Executive Director of Clerestory Learning. More than 25 years ago Kevin’s passion for teaching and learning began with a classroom full of fourth grade students, and then remedial reading adult students, middle school classrooms, and grew to include educator workshop attendees, and eventually school administrative teams.

Since launching Clerestory Learning in 2006, he has fostered his passion by synthesizing current findings from diverse scientific research fields, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and brain development, to practically distill educational implications, equipping teachers for more confident, effective classroom instruction.

Kevin has extensively researched various topics—learning, creativity, critical thinking, instructional design, neuroscience, and writing—believing they can profoundly influence quality of education. He is also committed to sharing implications of physical fitness relating to cognitive function, and offering balanced how-to’s for educational technology integration.

Kevin has created the Architecture of Learning instructional design model and its professional development courses, authored the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain, and created the Writer’s Stylus instructional writing program and its professional development course. He enjoys traveling and developing relationships with fellow educators as a professional development instructor, conference workshop leader, keynote speaker, graduate professor, curriculum project leader, and educational consultant. He is a marathon runner and never misses a chance to try out the nearest Rails-to-Trail system. On short, easy run days he can usually convince his wife Julia to join him.

Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D. Press Kit Bio
Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D. Professional Bio


© Julia WashburnJULIA WASHBURN is General Manager of Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC. Along with overseeing small business operations, Julia seeks to convey the message of Kevin’s presentations and Clerestory Learning programs through carefully-designed slide presentations, handouts, and course books that reflect the implications of current design research and its impact on learning and retention.

As co-owner of Make Way for Books, Julia provides program support for Clerestory Learning programs—Architecture of Learning and Writer’s Stylus, and Foundations & Frameworks (instructional reading), through publishing, order fulfillment, and distribution. After years as an accompanist, a growing passion for photography and creative expressions through fine art printing, framing, and more find her with camera in hand, ready to explore the next city on Kevin’s itinerary.



We could not develop materials or web applications on our own. We are grateful for several dedicated educators who, over these past 10 years, we have had the privilege to contract. We have learned from them and have been inspired by their deep understanding of writing, learning, and instructional design.