Insights from a Second Grader...and a Hamster

During a second grade classroom observation, one of the students reminded me that curiosity is worth pursuing, even when it’s not on the schedule.

Curiosity: The Twilight Zone & Radishes

Both video clips are from a recent presentation and part of our Fueling Learning workshop.


Pleasure, Reward,...and Learning!

Curiosity, it turns out, may have a neural signature. And when observed, that neural pattern is associated with deeper, more robust, and even peripheral learning. Questions are the pulse of curiosity, and probably of unforgettable literature, too:


Taking Notes by Hand vs Laptop

Typing notes on a laptop may seem like a good strategy for students. However, research indicates that the thinking involved in taking notes on a laptop vs. by hand influences the depth of conceptual understanding students gain in the classroom. Recent reports have highlighted these differences and benefits.


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