Clerestory Learning Newsletter - February 2016

Why Teachers Should Be Curious about Curiosity

Curiosity, the hunger to discover or learn something, can make the difference between meaningful and superficial learning. Why? Because curiosity primes the brain for learning, and uncovers the wonder of ordinary objects, and “adds color, vibrancy, passion and pleasure to our lives.”

Research suggests adults with little curiosity rely on others to explain things, accept and adopt the opinions of others, and take measures to minimize mental effort. Students who graduate with a robust curiosity are better equipped to fulfill the vision we have for them!


Current Trends and Issues in Education —
Q&A Part 2

Here are a few more of my responses to a graduate student's questions on Current Trends and Issues in Education - Q&A Part 2. She was curious about educators in faith-based learning environments cultivating growth mindset, the connection between personalization of learning and growth mindset, and the effects of social media and students' belief about their intelligence.

Curious by Ian Leslie at Make Way for Books

Recommended Reading

Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It by Ian Leslie

"A school is a crucible of curiosity. It can imbue young children's fledgling desire to learn with strength and sinew, or it can be the place where it is allowed to atrophy." — Curious p.108

An extraordinary book that addresses a fascinating topic with beautiful writing. Dispelling myths and offering suggestions, Ian Leslie makes a case for curiosity being the key to a successful and satisfying life. With implications for parents, educators, and anyone interested in living fully, this is a must-read!


One-Day Workshop for Teachers on Curiosity

Fueling Learning: Sparking and Sustaining Curiosity for Learning

Duration: 1 day Audience: K-12, Administration

Curiosity plays a critical role in deep and meaningful learning. This workshop explains the relationship of questioning to curiosity and outlines strategies for engaging and refining student questioning.

This is a Clerestory Learning Professional Development Workshop.


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