Clerestory Learning Newsletter - February 2016

What Practices are Important for Teachers?

What practices do you think are important for staying current with research and trends in mindset and brain sciences?

Not long ago, a graduate student asked me this and more. She wondered how holding a growth mindset in one domain and a fixed mindset in another is possible, and if in my travels I noticed ways regions of the country may impact mindset and motivation. These are great questions—I share my answers in Current Trends and Issues in Education - Q&A Part 1.

4 Benefits of Reviewing Curriculum Alignment

I'm currently involved with leading a school leadership team through a Vertical Alignment initiative, a curriculum review process that often reveals strengths and uncovers areas for improvement. Our goal will be to strategically establish the “what” and “when” of their school’s instructional program. There are at least 4 Benefits of a Vertical Alignment Initiative like this.

So, my daughter comes bouncing in the car this afternoon like a child on fire...

Writer's Stylus may be the first writing program with a process that brings the essential components of writing instruction — mechanics + revision skills + genres — together in one place. Teachers tell us that is just what they need, and if this true story is any indication, it's pretty exciting for students too.

Now on the calendar:

Writer's Stylus Course
June 13-16, 2016
Birmingham AL



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