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How a Brain Learns to Juggle
(and do other things)

John Kubie provides a fascinating “under the hood” look at skill learning in the brain. While Kubie focuses on motor skills, a similar process enables cognitive skill learning via other neural pathways and brain regions. Carl Jago makes the case that writing is a series of skills that need to be taught. (The Writer’s Stylus instructional writing and grammar program does just that!) Michael Sledd takes a forward perspective and explores 8 skills students need to be developing now for future success.


To Let Thought Flow, Move!

The connection between physical movement and thought has been and continues to be a focus of research. Christopher Bergland explored the topic in depth and discovered confirmation in another’s researcher’s conclusions. Bergland also explains how the brain uses physical activity to battle depression. Want to know more? Check out John Ratey’s groundbreaking book SPARK!


Ready to Grow?

Friend and colleague Joe Neff highlights 5 traits of schools that foster great professional growth. (How many are characteristics of your school?) Ben Johnson does a great job of reminding us why teacher professional development is a TOP priority for effective schools. And researchers have identified 8 components of effective professional development. To summarize, attend to your school’s culture, prioritize equipping teachers, and make professional development a process not an event.


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